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I have a python tkinter gui and it uses opencv with cuda on and cudnn on and other things. Also it uses torch and torchvision for yolov5 model inference. I have built opencv with some changes and also installed torch and torchvision manually in my jetson Orin nano 8gb. I also have installed jetpack libraries full. My question is, if I convert my tkinter gui application to exe along with all the supporting files which pyinstaller bundles, will I still need to install all jetpack libraries, torch and torchvision, opencv manually built with cuda on and other things in a newer Orin nano board?

I intend to just copy paste this exe in a new fresh jetson Orin nano which doesn’t have anything in it.(only has OS). I hope you got what I’m saying. Because I can’t build every time. So if the exe can work like that please reply me.



Suppose yes, since the exe will need to link the required library when runtime.

You can try to create a custom docker image to have all you need installed.
So the same environment can be setup automatically by launching the container.


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