Library documentation

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is a documentation that tells which library is a function contained in? I often get linking errors which complain about unresolved symbol and yet I have no idea where a function is located. There are so many static libraries that come with the sdk. Some pointer is much appreciated.


There isn’t documentation for the SDK libraries, but that is deliberate - they aren’t intended for use in code outside of the SDK examples.

This may not be what the OP was looking for, but the CUDA runtime and CUDA driver libraries are documented in gory detail. [url=“”][/url]

You probably have a problem with the libraries location specification. Usually the SDK uses the CUDA/lib (CUDA/lib64) put all of your libraries in there including the cutil.lib (cutil64.lib) in general all the libraries you need in CUDA.

Suppose you have it in C:/CUDA

So what you need to do is Toos->Options->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories

Use the list box on the right choose

the platform: Win32 or x64

show directories: Library Files : c:/CUDA/lib (win32) c:/CUDA/lib64 for x64

Make it nit and tidy so that you can enjoy your programming.

Hope this helps.


Yeah I set that but the issue is sometime you still need to go to linker setting to tell the linker to link in certain library. In my c:\CUDA\lib64 directory, there are 8 libraries. Is there a utility that helps u to list all the objects in the library?

I was trying to compile some sdk example, some compiles some doesn’t. Most of them complain about missing symbol. There are quite a number of libraries in the directory. You really have no idea where the function was located.

Some help would be much appreciated.