conflict with of ROS

I am facing an issue where the precompiled of the Isaac Gym bindings conflicts with the of ROS. As a result, I am unable to import both Isaac Gym and ROS-dependent packages in the same script
Importing the ROS one first leads to undefined symbol errors in importing Isaac Gym and vice versa
For example, importing the ROS one first leads to the following undefined symbol error (demangled):

pxrInternal_v0_19__pxrReserved__::Tf_PostErrorHelper(pxrInternal_v0_19__pxrReserved__::TfCallContext const&, pxrInternal_v0_19__pxrReserved__::TfDiagnosticType, char const*, …)

Any hint in how to resolve this will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance - Stefanos