Hi all,

did anybody meet LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT when trying to open USB3 cameras?

I am trying to get some data from the camera, and opening it. Open fails with

Control Channel Init failed
Unable to ensure stalled pipe 1, status=0xe2100007 LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT
Failed to stall control channel pipe 0, status=0xE2100007
Failed to read the maximum device response time: 0xe2000009

coming from camera driver.

My dmesg says:
[ 633.873129] usb 2-1.4: reset SuperSpeed USB device number 3 using tegra-xhci
[ 634.757406] tegra-xhci tegra-xhci: xHCI xhci_drop_endpoint called with disabled ep edb58fc0

I googled this message and found reports in context of a bug in 3.13 kernel, saying the issue was fixed in 3.14. However, L4T19r3 is still 3.10.

Any ideas how to fix this without waiting for L4T release based on kernel 3.14?

Thanks in advance!

I searched around linux kernel git (3.14 or latest 3.18) but could not locate relevant fix. The close one is kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree
but seems not quite similar. Have the link for your google search?