license file for 64-bit Windows PVF

I received the licence key below in an e-mail from Pat Brooks.

Should this information be places into a license file and place in a directory. Can you tell me how and where to place it?

Dan Fishman

Hi Dan,

You need to place the contents of the license Pat sent you into a “license.dat” file located in the base PVF installation directory (Typically located at C:\Program Files\PGI). After you have updated license.dat, you then need to start a FlexLM license server. For full details, please refer the PVF Quick Start Guide which accompanies your installation. I’ve posted the full text of the guide below.

Hope this helps,

From the PVF Quick Start guide.

  1. Log on to the target system as Administrator.

  2. Execute the PVF" installation package from the PVF Installation CD. The name of the PVF executable depends on the targeted system (32-bit or 64-bit OS), the release number, and the configuration of PVF being installed (Standard or Workstation Complete). For example, for a 64-bit OS, the PGI Visual Fortran Standard Edition installation executable is called pgivfx64- xxx-std.exe where xxx refers to the release number. Similarly, for an x86 system, PVF Workstation Complete is called pgivf-xxx-wsc.exe. This executable will automatically be invoked when the PVF CD is inserted in the CD-ROM drive. If you obtained this file electronically, execute it from its saved location.

  3. PGI Visual Fortran is licensed using FLEXlm licensing and you must enable this to use the software. Instructions for obtaining license keys are contained in your order acknowledgement. Copy and paste these keys into the appropriate license file. If you have installed PVF to the default location, and assuming the system drive is C , this file will be C:\Program Files\PGI\license.dat. If you have never received license keys from PGI before, replace this license.dat file with your PVF keys. If this file contains keys you have previously received from PGI (i.e., for PGI Workstation) append the PVF keys to the keys already in this file.

  4. After you have pasted the license keys in the license.dat file, start the PGI License Server. The PGI License Server is a Windows Service. It will start automatically on system reboot but it can also be started manually using the Services Dialog (Start:Control Panel:Administrative Tools:Services). Scroll through the list of services until you see PGI License Server. Select this service and click Start.

  5. Start PVF Start:All Programs:PGI Visual Fortran:PGI Visual Fortran If you encounter difficulty starting PVF or the PGI License Server, please refer to the Common Installation Problems section in the PGI Visual Fortran Installation & Release Notes or send mail to >