License issue

I received an e-mail about the newest update 8.0. I realize now that I missed 7.2-5. I have downloaded it, but it will not let me obtain a license key for anything but 8.0. I have the license for 7.2, is it the same for
7.2-5? If not, how can I get the license.dat file for 7.2-5? My programmers do not want to go from 7.2 to 8.0. They want to step up incrementally to make sure the upadtes do not interfere with what they have already accomplished.



Hi jkcollins,

An 8.0 license will also you to use the 7.2 compilers so you should be able to simply replace your old license with the newer 8.0 one.

Note that if you do decide to install 8.0, it does not overwrite your 7.2 installation. Rather, it’s installed in it’s own directory next to previous releases. Your users can then either set their PATH environment variable to select the compiler version to use, or use the “-V<rel#>” (ex. -V7.2-5 or -V8.0-1) to select the version from the compilation line.

  • Mat