License Issues

Hi everyone I got a Cluster from the ASPEN company in 2013 this computer cluster came with Fortran PGI2013 workstation complete it was working good using the fortran compiling thinks like PRECIS model but when I try to use the netcdf that came installed on it send me this error.

[wrf@pantro bin]$ ncdump
EXECUTABLE EXPIRED - This executable was created using a Trial version of
PGI software. The PGI Software and derived executable cease to function
and cannot be used after the conclusion of the Trial testing period.

then I try to install netcdf 4.4 using zlib hdf5 everything work fine with the zlib and the hdf5 using the pgi as the compiler but when the compiling of netcdf ends and without no error I try to run again the ncdump and I got the same error.

How can I see if my license is expired or not and the probable cause of this error.



Please contact so we can deal with the
license issues privately. I believe the permanent license involved here is
good for releases 14.6 and older. The error messages you encounter
are from using a trial or starter license, and the only way to correct this
is to compile those source files again using a permanent license like the
one I mentioned.