License Manager Flexnet/lmgrd

We serve a set of PGI licenses off of a set of 3 Linux servers. I am in the process of moving all of those servers to new hardware and retiring the old hardware.

The ‘’ file hints that all this requires is for me to use the flexnet ‘lmutil’ command to generate new host IDs and a new ‘license.dat’ file. However, it also says I need to log into a PGI account.

I cannot create a PGI account at all! Any attempt sends me to the home page (PGI Compilers & Tools) I created an NVidia account since this has been acquired. That account does not cross over to the PGI site.

  1. How do I create a PGI account
  2. How do I access the license info? ( I was not @ the company when the license was purchased)
  3. How do I tie this license info to an account for the future?

Hi Bruce,

Yes, our IT folks disabled new account registration about a year ago since mostly only spam accounts were getting created.

I’ll direct message you with the hidden link where you can create a new account.