License manager is disabling license

I am running PG Accelerator VF on a Windows 7 64-bit system. Whenever I am away long enough for the system to go into sleep mode, the license manager disables my license. Rebooting the system solves the problem, but is really inconvenient (and annoying). Is there a better solution?


We guess windows is shutting the network down in sleep

In a PGI WS window

PGI> lmutil lmhostid

should show the detected hostids. If any are present
after going to sleep, see if they match your license hostid.
If not, you may want to regen a license based on the persistent

If the hostid is present, go to
Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services
and START the PGI service.


Thanks, Dave. As you suggested, restarting the PGI License Server did the trick.