License Manager?

I’m starting to get a reasonable number of these messages during a compile.

“pgi-f95-win64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license”

Is it a PGI network problem or my network problem?


Hi Ralph,

Nothing comes back here to PGI, so it’s local. What type of license do you have, server or workstation? If server, is the license manager hosted on a different system? Is there more information about why the checkout failed?

  • Mat


I’m running PVF 13.4 in VS2008 on Win7 64bit.

What I showed you is all the info I have. Windows must be doing something strange (realizing of course that isn’t unusual).

Useful to know it is local. Thanks.



I will send you mail with a temp license, and instructions to get
hostid and hostname info.

The main things to check.

  1. that you installed as Admin, and placed the license into
    C:\Program Files\PGI\license.dat
    as Administrator.

  2. That you went to
    Control Panel->Admin Tools->Services
    and STARTed the PGI service AFTER the license is placed properly.

  3. When you open
    Start->Programs->PGI Visual Fortran-> Command Shells
    an run pgfortran manually, does the license fail the same way?