license of PGI Community Edition

Hi Dave,
I have install PGI Community Edition with Default options, and i can find license.dat. But when I try to use PGI Debugger, it tells me " the debugger is not licensed to debug locally on DSEKTOP-MDUB1BR". How can I solve this problem? Thanks.

Which release if the Community Edition? 17.10?
Which OS ? Windows (version) or Linux (version) or OS X(version) ?
If Windows, where are you trying to debug? Make sure the window
you run pgdbg in is a PGI command or bash window. And of course,
Visual Studio is not supported in the Community edition, so debugging
in VS does not work.

Make sure the license service is NOT running
(ps ax | grep lmgrd should not be running with a license, if you
are using the community edition license.
The message suggests the license service was running.