License plate recognition


Does there has example for Xavier+Deepstream to run license plate recognition?
if it has, where and how to use it?
The other question, OSD can forward six streams to correspond windows and constraint them to display on big one, does this big window can be forward to another server? How to to it?


You can check this GitHub:

But there is some performance issue with this GitHub.
We have implemented several improvements and still wait for OpenALPR team to integrate.



Thanks a lot, the other question:
At final inference of deepstream-app, it can composites many display frames into a single one, does this single display frame can be forward to another server?

The OpenALPR team said they have a release supports Jetpack 4.2 now, but

1.Does this release has leveraged deepstream(3.0)?
2.If it dose not, how to leverage deepstream?
3.Is this release not free? every time I run alpr or alprd, they always require two weeks license.


Sorry that we don’t test the GitHub recently.
You can check it with OpenALPR team or give it a try.


License plate recognition using Color Global shutter Camera for NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX/NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™

Do watch the video and know the features of the camera