License Problem with OpenACCToolkit

Dear PGI Team,

I’ve installed the newest OpenACC Toolkit and generated a license file for the machine.

Trying to compile even the simplest problem doesn’t work:
[oppel@platinum] 109 (~): pgf90 pgitest.f90
pgfortran: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license

lmdiag gives the following output:

[root@platinum ~]# lmutil lmdiag -c /opt/pgi/license.dat
lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2015 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
FlexNet diagnostics on Mon 10/3/2016 18:01

License file: /opt/pgi/license.dat

“PGI2016-700177” v2016.1231, vendor: pgroupd, expiry: 31-dec-2016
License server: platinum
nodelocked license, locked to ethernet address “a0000300fe80” starts: 1-jan-1990, expires: 31-dec-2016
Requests from the same USER/HOST do not consume a new license

This license cannot be checked out because:
This platform not authorized by license.
Feature: PGI2016-700177
Platforms: x64_lsb <> unidev, v16.1, nv, lin-acc
License path: /opt/pgi/license.dat:
FlexNet Licensing error:-89,310
For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation,
available at “”.

The node id should be ok:

[root@platinum ~]# lmutil lmhostid
lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2015 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
The FlexNet host ID of this machine is "“a0000300fe80 a0000220fe80 fcaa14f32bd1 fcaa14f32bd0"”
Only use ONE from the list of hostids.

Any idea?


The error you are showing indicates 16.1 is in use? If that is the
case, then the license error message is familiar. You should not see that
message with 16.7 or the current 16.9 release.

Make sure that qfter you start the license service
(lmgrd.rc start) that it still running as well as setting
PGROUPD_LICENSE_FILE to the license path.

ps ax | grep lmgrd
should return something like

% ps ax |grep lmgrd
21155 ? S 0:21 /opt/pgi/linux86-64/16.9/bin/lmgrd -c /opt/pgi/license.dat
32543 pts/18 S+ 0:00 grep lmgrd

SERVER platinum a0000300fe80 27000

this is the SERVER line of your license. Platinum is the only machine
the compilers will work on, and the executables you create will only run on platinum.

The file flexlm.log should be in /opt/pgi if the license service is running,
and it should contain information if things are wrong.