License Problem with two different version in one machine.

Dear Sir,

My customer own two version of PGI products.

  1. PGI Fortran Workstation 10.3
  2. PGI C/C++ Workstation 11.3

Because he bought these products in different date.

He want to install the two version in one machine.

How will we do be better for these licenses?

Thank you.


The two PGI licenses share tools and other licensed components, and even
though you may be able to do some things with one license and some things with the other, the full content of both licenses will not be available when served by the same server.

As a result, we say that you cannot ‘serve’ two PGI licenses with the same license server.

It will probably work to point to one license when using Fortran, and one license
when using C/C++, but we are not sure the two can be used at the same time
by two different requests.



Thank you. If we want to use one license to serve fortran and c/c++, can we downgrade PGI C/C++ from 11.3 to 10.3 ?

May Portland Group Inc. help us to merge these two licenses?

Best Regards,