license problem

I’m having a bit of trouble getting the license working.
I’m choosing “generate license key for this computer” and then I’m selecting 1 “direct internet connection.” And this is what I get after that when I enter the username and password I log into the website with.

Please enter your PGI account credentials.
PGI username: (the email address I use to log into the account owning the license)
PGI password (input will not be displayed):
ERROR: Curl failed with error = 0

Not sure if this helps but when I try to find the flexnet id I get this and I’m guessing it shouldn’t be all zeros.

[root@be bin]# lmutil lmhostid
lmutil - Copyright © 1989-2011 Flexera Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The FLEXnet host ID of this machine is “000000000000”

The current 11.10 version of lmutil (found in the 12.* PGI compilers)
cannot find some Linux network configured
MAC addresses. It cannot find configurations like ‘em1’. Change the
configuration to something like ‘eth0’. An example of this is found at .

You need for

% lmutil lmhostid
to return a non-zero, non-blank, non-FFFFFFFFFFFF, before you
can license the device.

once you have a valid hostid, send your hostname and hostid
outputs to and we will assist you in creating a license.