License Problem ?

Hi. My apologies - I am pretty sure this is not a unique issue, but I couldn’t find something exactly like this in the forums.

  1. I have run the installation, installed license file, etc… to test the system I am compiling and running openACC “hello_world” vector addition.

  2. I have found that I have to manually start the license server in order to get the code to compile.

a) is this normal?; and

b) what would you suggest to automate it (if anything)

  1. After starting the license server by running “lmgrd start”, I get some unexpected verbosity from the license manager when compiling:

sblair@sblair-P650SE:~/work/projects/acc_saxpy$ pgc++ -o acc_saxpy acc_saxpy.cpp -acc -Minfo=acc
18:23:48 (pgroupd) DENIED: “pgc++” sblair@sblair-P650SE (INVALID error code (-9999,333:104 “Connection reset by peer”))
18:23:48 (pgroupd) OUT: “PGI2015-700257” sblair@sblair-P650SE
18:23:48 (pgroupd) OUT: “pgc++” sblair@sblair-P650SE
37, Generating copyin(X[:N],Y[:N])
Generating copyout(Z[:N])
Accelerator kernel generated
Generating Tesla code
40, #pragma acc loop gang, vector(128) /* blockIdx.x threadIdx.x */
18:23:48 (pgroupd) IN: “PGI2015-700257” sblair@sblair-P650SE
18:23:48 (pgroupd) IN: “pgc++” sblair@sblair-P650SE

  1. Despite the unpromising “DENIED pgc++…” the code compiles and appears to run normally.

a) Is this a problem?; and

b) what could you suggest to make the extraneous info from the license manager go away?

My system is Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 64-bit laptop with CUDA 7.5 drivers/7.0 runtime.

The lmgrd.rc script starts the license service, and creates the flexlm.log file.

Make sure you are allowed write to where the flexlm.log file is defined in lmgrd.rc, or edit the script to put it where you look at it.

Remove flexlm.log before starting the service, and see what happens when
you start up.

If you have further problems with the license, contact