license problems with MacOS upgrade

Was successfully using PG Fortran compiler, v 17.4. Then updated MacOS to v 10.13.1, and Xcodeto v 9.2. and license problem arose. Got a new license from pgroup sales, installed v 17.10.

License header:
SERVER Donalds-iMac b8098ab7389f 27000
DAEMON pgroupd

Server’s System Date and Time: Wed Mar 07 2018 18:49:55 PST
18:49:55 (lmgrd) SLOG: Summary LOG statistics is enabled.
18:49:55 (lmgrd) The license server manager (lmgrd) running as root:
18:49:55 (lmgrd) This is a potential security problem
18:49:55 (lmgrd) and is not recommended.
18:49:56 (lmgrd) “Donalds-iMac.local”: Not a valid server hostname, exiting.
18:49:56 (lmgrd) Valid license server system hosts are: “donalds-imac”
18:49:56 (lmgrd) Using license file “/opt/pgi/license.dat”

From System Preferences/Sharing;
Computer Name: Donalds iMac
Remote login: On
Local Hostname: Donalds-iMac,local

This looks to me to be a faulty interaction between the license server and the MacOS, but I haven’t been able to solve it.


Our installation notes indicate that 9.0 is the newest Xcode version
17.10 supports. It came out in September 2017, before 17.10.
Xcode 9.2 came out December, after 17.10 was released.

If you can move to Xcode 9.0 and things work for you, that would suggest Xcode 9.2 is the issue.