License required to use pgc++

Dear PGI support,

regarding pgc++:

  • which version of the PGI products actively supports pgc++
  • which kind of license is required?
  • what is the version recommended for using pgc++

Reason for these questions: we requested a license for PGI
version 12.5 for using pgc++ and got the answer from your support
that the compiler is in beta stage and hence there’s no license available
(at least not for the public)

Thx and Regards!

Hi Kosh,

Correct, pgc++ is currently only available in a closed beta. We don’t mind users trying it out, so long as they understand there are still issues. Also, if they encounter any problems to send us reports so we can get them fixed before the general release. If you are willing to do this, send a note to PGI Customer Support ( and we’ll get you an updated license.

Best Regards,

Hi Mat,

This is a bit confusing: pgc++ was advertised on your web page,
it is listed as official part of the 12.9 release in your documents
but it is still a beta? This information is a bit hard to find? doesn’t indicate
the beta status on page 2, instead pgc++ is listed like
all the other components? And it is even a closed beta???
My suggestion would be to mention this in your release documents and
to print this in boldface letters.

Hi Kosh,

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re looking for. PG C++, i.e. the pgCC and pgcpp drivers and what’s listed in the PGI release notes, are fully supported in 12.9. The PG C++ with GNU C++ Compatibility, i.e. the pgc++ driver, is what’s not been released yet.

Are you looking for GNU C++ compatibility or just our C++ version?


Hi Mat,

ok, now I understand, PGC++ is not equal to pgc++, so pgc++ was not
explicitly mentioned in the release note.
This is then a misunderstanding on my side. Still I was unable to
find any hints on your web site that pgc++ is in closed beta state.
We are then waiting for the final release or request a license for the beta.

Thx and Regards,