License Server

I have been using PGI workstation for years without problems, Yesterday
my apple airport went glitchy, so I got a USB to ethernet connector and plugged
my Mac Pro directly into the cable modem. Internet worked fine, but when I
tried to start lmgrd I got the following message”: Not a valid license server hostname


Why should my hostname depend on how I am plugged into the internet?

Michael Teter

Hostnames are for the network.

Your hostname must map to a valid IP address,
and something has changed.

Send the following outputs, on your MAC, to, along with your
license.dat file and your License.log file…

% lmutil lmhostid
% lmutil lmhostid -internet
% lmutil lmhostid -hostname
% ping Michaels-Mac-Pro.local
% ping localhost
should return ‘’
% /sbin/ifconfig

or you can try doing the following.

  1. edit your license file and change ‘
    to ‘localhost’

  2. sudo hostname localhost
    may be necessary when you use the compilers between reboots

Then try starting the license service again with the modified license.

flexlm should be able to find localhost now matter where the Mac is connected. Best for laptops.