license trouble

Hi Dave,
I have had a permanent license since 2014 for PVF. In 2016 I installed version 16.3 when I changed the laptop. So I got a different permanent license. Last week I downloaded and installed version 17.9. Somehow I got a starter evaluation license with it, which I did not run the (license) installation.

After that, I have problem with license to use PVF. It complains some things like: license expired on 2016 0602. I checked the license.dat file. It has a line with following information.

FEATURE PGI2016-530280 pgroupd 2016.0602 permanent 1

I re-installed version 16.3, the problem still exists. I added the lines from the starter license file to the end of license.dat file. It works, but it has following line

FEATURE PGI2017-STARTER pgroupd 2017.1130 30-nov-2017 uncounted

Does this mean that I will have trouble after 30 Nov? How can I resolve this?

Kind regards

The PIN tied to your account had its maintenance expire June 2.
Your online license generation is limited to 16.5 or older.

Either contact to make your license current,
or limit yourself to releases 16.5 or older.

The STARTER license is temporary, it will allow you to use 17.9 and the
upcoming 17.10 until the end of November. Do not run the license service (Control Panel->Admin Tools->Services->PGI should be STOPPED) and make sure anytime you edit C:\Program Files\PGI\license.dat, you “edit as Administrator” so the license changes are ‘seen’ by compilers reading the license file.