Lidar Accumulator 3D Radial Distance Information

We are trying to access the data from the LidarAccumulator sample file. There is an option to create a 2D projection from the lidar data, by setting LidarImageType to DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_3D_DISTANCE_IMAGE . It is said that the pixel data holds radial distance to the lidar points in meters. We would like to access this data. It seems that the image is of type dwImageCPU, which has a component called data. However, we cannot find the data inside. Could you help us understand how to get that information?

Dear vdonikia,
Could you tell which buffer you are referring to in the sample?

I am at dwLidarAccumulator_fillImage(dwImageHandle_t lidarImage, dwLidarImageType type, dwLidarAccumulatorHandle_t obj)

where in the sample file the lidarImage is defined as sectLidarImage and type is DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_3D_DISTANCE_IMAGE. The sectLidarImage should contain data on the distance to the points correct?

Hi vdonikia,

Have you got the answer you need to move this issue forward or still waiting our suggestions?