Lidar and wifi adatpter cannot connect to the agx xavier together

Hi, I don’t know why the ssh is disconnected between my laptop and the agx each time I connect the agx with rslidar16.

For setting up the lidar to work with agx, the static ips are set to be in ethernet way for lidar, in wifi for agx itself.

At first, I asked the after-sales support from rslidar, they said there might be because agx only support single networ card and some stuff which I don’t know the meaning.

I also try to change the wifi’s setting where wifi’s ip is and gateway is But I cannot connect via ssh.

I won’t be able to help, but can suggest some information which will be needed…

Is the rslidar USB? If so, then you will want to monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then not what log lines show up as you connect the rslidar.

Prior to connecting this rslidar, when ssh is working, show the output of:

  • ifconfig
  • route
  • iwconfig
  • Then show the same thing after the cameras are connected and ssh fails.

Also, which release? You can find this with “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”.

FYI, Jetsons can handle many network cards and devices. Often though issues are found related to WiFi, so WiFi configuration (which I can’t help with) matters and will change as a user logs in to a GUI. Describe if the cameras are WiFi or wired.

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