LIDAR format

whats the file format for LIDAR? The Sample has an input of .bin file
Is it LAS file format? I have pointclouds in .ply format
What i want is to generate out of the .ply files an compatible fileformat for driveworks input.
In the data sample folder of lidar sensor, i find can, gps, imu files too. Are they needed for the replay?
Hope somebody could explain, how it works.
Thanks alot

Hello @rudolf.zobel,
Can you elaborate more on what you are trying to achieve using DriveWorks?

the recorded bin file of the LiDAR (like CAN, GPS and IMU) includes additional data for each record from the sensor, one of those extra fields is timestamp that is used to synchronize all the sensor input. the structure is internally used and not exposed to the user.

PLY does not include a timestamp field, and so can not be synchronized to other sensors accumulated recorded data.

Hi @shayNV
thanks for fast respone. I try using CARLA Simulator as sensor output (Images, Lidar, Radar, CAN).

With Images and CAN Messages working fine. Lidar output is in .ply format. A timestap could be generated and add as filename for every pointcloud. At first i would be happy to put all the data together to compatible fileformat for the lidar replay sample.

Do you know whats format its need, is it LAS file format?

Hi @rudolf.zobel,
the LiDAR recording format is DriveWorks specific.
what you can do it to implement a LiDAR plugin that reads the data from a PLY file.
then use the recording tool to record using the created plugin.
this will create a DW LiDAR recorded file.

for creating a LiDAR plugin consult the following webinar:

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