Lidar plugin decode samples demo in detail

Hello, SW Version: DRIVE-V5.0.10-P2379, DriveWorks SDK 1.2.400 .

According to the “NVIDIA Custom Lidar Integration with DriveWorks SDK”, we want to make a so file. While we use the lidar of Velodyne vlp16.

But, we really do not kwon the following parameters in the function of dwStatus _dwLidarDecoder_initialize(const float32_t spinFrequency) with SAL_Lidar_plugin_template.c : i. angleInRadians = //fill//;
ii. numVerticalAngles = //fill//; — 30? 15? 2?
And the same question with the SAL_Lidar_plugin_template.h

Can you provide us the detailed sample code . I have read many postings about lidar in our website. We learned a lot.

May be you can provide the lidar plugin code demo of DriveWorks SDK 3.5 for us ? If there is no suppot in our version.

Look forward to your reply. Thank you .