Lidar products compatibility to DPX2 autocruise


I have successfully connected Lidar(Velodyne VLP-16) and DPX2 autocruise.

So I would like to connect another LiDAR product.
I would like to inquire about the compatibility of DPX2 autocruise with other products.

Are there Velodyne VLP-32C(Ultrapuck), IBEO LUX HD, IBEO LUX 8L, IBEO miniLUX products that are compatible with DPX2 autocruise?

I have seen the instructions Nvidia provided, but the guidelines do not explain i can connect new models like VLP-32C and whether i can support IBEO LUX products as well as IBEO LUX other products like LUX DH, LUX 8L, miniLUX.

Give me some advice.
Thank you.

Dear issuh,

Please find Supported Sensors Lidar part in NVIDIA DriveWorks DevGuide.pdf.
Quanergy M8, IBEO Lux, Velodyne(VPL16, HDL32E, HDL 64-S3)
If have any Lidar connection issue, please let us know. Thanks.