LidarNet availability

Hi, am I correct in assuming LidarNet will no longer be supported? Are there any other Lidar segmentation libraries or models that will be useful for this? I would like to get some confirmation on this before I start paying people to implement the same thing.

Hi, @howy2jvtf

May we know which platform are you working on?

It will be for the the Drive AGX.

DRIVE Software 10.0 which includes DRIVE OS, DriveWorks, DRIVE AV, and DRIVE IX was the last release that included all DRIVE SDK software stacks. LidarNet is part of the latest DRIVE AV SDK which is restricted to select customers and is no longer available on DRIVE Developer Page. Developers can access the latest DRIVE OS and DriveWorks releases via NVIDIA DRIVE Downloads | NVIDIA Developer. Thanks.

OK thanks, it sound like I should talk to my NVIDIA contact person and see if I can get on that list. We will be using Lidar extensively in our autonomous vehicle application.

Yeah, you need to contact your nv rep. Thanks.

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