Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carbon footprint of GeForce 3090 RTX


I’m using a GeForce 3090 RTX for AI training, and I want to compare the carbon footprint with the Nvidia-jetson 4g equipment. Is there any Life Cycle Assessment carbon footprint in order to include fabrication, use and the end of the life of the machines ?

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Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for the question, it is quite important to keep an eye on this kind of impact. But I am sorry, we do not provide that sort of data you are looking for. Tracking this as a fab-less company across all foundries and OEMs we are working with would be nearly impossible.

But we do make sure that the companies which fabricate our chips and other NVIDIA Hardware adhere to our high ethical and ecological standards.


Dear Forum,
I’m also very interested in this topic / the initial question!
I’m more interested in the GWP of an A100 and a RTX 3060 GPU but these are details… I’m wondering if NVIDIA has now better knowledge of their products “environmental price”? Where do I find those numbers? Does NVIDIA plan to calculate these numbers?
As far as I know is the process and the machines to get to e.g. <= 10nm way more complex than the fabrication processes before…
Performance and efficiency values without knowing whats the effort (e.g. in kg CO2 equiv.) to produce and “recycle” these products is just guessing and/or marketing or do I get it wrong?
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In terms of general Corporate Responsibility NVIDIA of course publishes numbers on a “whole company” scale. For this there is the yearly report to be found on Corporate Social Responsibility | NVIDIA

The FY 2023 report includes Energy efficiency details towards the end of the document.

Maybe that gives some answers to the above questions.