Light configuration


I would like to ask how setting the power of a light can be done in Isaac Sim. I have read in the docs that GetIntensityAttr scales the power of the light linearly and GetExposureAttr scales the power of the light exponentially as a power of 2. However, this all seems to be in some unknown relative units. I would like to simulate a real light if I know its parameters (e. g. illuminance in lux units).

Thank you

Please refer to this 2. Environment Setup — Omniverse Robotics documentation document and let me know if the issue still persists.

I have read that document but found no info about the units in which intensity of the light is given. What does it mean when we set it to 1e6? How can I simulate a real-world light, for example, with 2000 lm?

I found one additional document: Lights — Omniverse Create documentation. Please let me know if it’s helpful for you or not.

I have read all documents I have found.

Did you read the document?

None of the documents you posted contains any mention of the units the intensity is given in and how to model a light with given number of lumens/lux/…