Light Link can't work in Omniverse create?

Hi! I have been testing Nvidia Omniverse and it is a very cool and powerful new tool.

I have a question:
In a test, I have two objects, a sphere and a cube, and a distance light. I want the light to only illuminate the sphere and not the cube. How do I do that? I looked at the help files
I checked the help document, I enabled the Collection panel, set the lighting Link rule:
Light Link Expansion Rule :expandPrims, added the sphere in includes,added the cube in excludes,
But it doesn’t work, I don’t see any change in the viewport.
So what should I do? Did I do something wrong?
Thank you!

Hello @user119030! I’m happy to have you join our community. Take a look at this tutorial: Lighting Basics in NVIDIA Omniverse Create - YouTube and let me know if that helps answer your question.

I’ve seen this tutorial, but it doesn’t help me much, it’s pretty basic.

I would like to know the detailed operation steps of this screenshot content, because there is no change in the viewport after I operate according to my own understanding before.

Sorry I wasn’t able to answer your question, @user119030! Thanks for your question. I am reaching out to my team to get your answers!

Hi @user119030! I apologize for this taking awhile to answer. The development team was able to duplicate your issue and they are working on a solution.

Hi @user119030! The development team has given me some more information.

Light Linking is “technically” not a released feature, it is available, but it was never fully tested for the current public release. The development team has made several changes/fixes to it and “fingers crossed” it should be released in Kit 103.