Light Link in Omniverse Create is possible?

Hi! I have been testing Nvidia Omniverse and it is a very cool and powerful new tool.

I have a question:
In a test, I downloaded a .usda file from GitHub (PixarAnimationStudios / USD / pxr / usd / usdLux / testenv / testUsdLuxLinkingAPI ) which is called “linking_example.usda”.
This file contains several examples of lights attached to objects to include or exclude them from lighting using collections. It also contains a light filter to illuminate certain objects.

I open the file and works fine. But when I see the result in the viewport in Omniverse Create, the light examples are not included or excluded.
All the lights in the file including the filter work as a default light. None exclude objects from lighting.
Is it possible to illuminate certain objects in Omniverse Create?
Thank you!

Thanks for trying out Omniverse.
We currently don’t support linking in our RTX renderer but it’s something we’re looking at.


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Thank you very much for your reply :D
Create is an amazing tool for visualizing light and physics in real time. I’ll be checking out the news and new features from the developer team.