LightDM greeter doesn't work

I tried to install lightdm desktop manager instead of gdm3 in Jetpack 4.4.1

sudo apt install lightdm 
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

System boots without error, lightdm.service works.

When I log out, the lightdm greeter screen (which allows to select users and graphical environment) does not appear, the system returns to the desktop. There is no such problem when using gdm3.

How do I enable the greeter in lightdm?

By default gdm3 is enabled. Do you disable it and then enable lightdm?

Yes, I switched to lightdm with sudo dpkg-reconfigure. Need to do something else?

Do you mean below steps?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lightdm
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

If so, then looks correct to me. Could you share a a photo to see what is the greeter screen looks like?

gdm3 greeter screen looks like this

Similar lightdm screen does not appear when I log out.


It maybe an issue from lightdm itself. In that case, we can only try to upgrade the lightdm version in future. This will not happen soon. Thus, I would suggest you can still try to use gdm3 or try to configure lightdm by yourself first.