Lights missing in latest version of View

In View, where is the create lights icon in the latest version, only method to access is right click with mouse but cannot select light source to edit? can move but no property box like previous version.
Is it possible to have light icon seen but not print.


It’s under the Eye menu (upper left in the viewport bar).


Hi Brian: Thanks, I like the new UI. Previously in view there was a paint brush tool. I see the new tutorial for Create.
Is that tool still in View?

Hi @fsheng21. The Paint Tool is an extension so if you don’t see it you can add it using the Extension Manager. Here is our documentation on how to do this: Paint Tool — Omniverse Extensions documentation

Hi Wendy:
Correct, I was able to load the extension in create, I was referring to Omniverse View.
The previous version of View had the brush tool. Omniverse View does not have extensions.
Looks like I should shift to using Create. Thanks