Lightweight 3d scene rendering on the AGX Orin

We are running a fleet of robots, and I would love to be able to do development for them in a virtual environment. I was hoping I could get suggestions on 3D rendering engines that might be able to be used on the AGX Orin.

What I’m looking for specifically is something that is light weight (high fidelity isn’t as important) and runs in c++, so I can just drop it in in our vision pipeline instead of our camera input. We would need to render entire scenes with it, not just singular objects

Falcor | NVIDIA Developer seems perfect, but it only runs on Ubuntu 22 and has a lot of other requirements that I don’t think the Orin meets (we are running Jetpack 5, Ubuntu 20). Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Please try the Vulkan-based solution since it is natively supported by Orin.

JetPack 6.0 includes the following graphics libraries:

  • Vulkan® 1.3


Is there an engine you would recommend? I’m finding it quite difficult to find a Vulkan based engine that runs on aarch64.

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