Lightweight JetPack for Xavier NX

Based on my understanding the Xavier NX module has only 16GB eMMC.
I used the sdkManager to flash the JetPack4.4 to my Jetson TX2 developer kit that I have and I saw that it takes ~16GB of my eMMC.
Suppose that I have no ability or indentation to install the JetPack on an external storage such as micro SD or SSD while I’m working with my Xavier NX module.

I know that full JetPack 4.4 version for the NX will flashed OK because it is more light than the TX2 version.
This version would consume approximately above than ~14GB which mean that I left with only ~2GB.

2GB isn’t enough for my applications needs.
I’m wondering if there any method to install a so called light-weighted version of the JetPack .

I saw that CUDA Tlk consume ~2.5 GB, CuDNN consume ~4.4 GB, TRT ~1GB etc…
Is there a way to install only the runtime parts of these components?
Is there any other was to reduce other components consumed memory?


Hi orong13,

We’re working to reduce the component consumed memory size, but it’s not easy, and they can’t be installed at runtime.

Thanks kayccc,

When I wrote run time I didn’t mean to install them at run time but to their run time used components such as headers files and libraries which integrated into my application.

For example:

  • Enable\disable the samples and documentations installation.

  • Enable\disable the static and\or dynamic libraries of the CuDNN

  • etc.

Based on these examples several GBs can be saved…