Limit number of launch width

Hello, I have a simple question.

I am using 1D launch index, i.e. launch height =1, launch depth = 1.

The optixLaunch function shows me an error below when the size of the launch width is over about a billion.

“[ 2][ ERROR]: Error launching work to RTX Optix function [optixLaunch(pipeline, cudaStream, (CUdeviceptr)launchParamsBuffer, (size_t)(sizeof(launchParams)), &sbt, launchWidth, 1, 1)] failed.
Error code: 7050
Error line: 484”

Although I tried to find out the limit number of launch width in the programming guide, I could not.

Could you tell me what the limit number of launch width is?

Thank you.

Yes, that is not going to work.

Please have a look into these two posts which mention the maximum launch dimensions:

Thanks for your informative reply.

Now I understand the limit launch size is 2^30.

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