Limit on Active Textures?


Is there a limit on the active number of bound textures in a program?

My program binds 20 texture references at start of day… Different kernels use different texture references. One uses 16 , other uses 4 and so on…

Is this really OK? I am finding discrepancies in results as I am moving from 1D textures to 3D textures… Sure, it could be a software bug… But I am just curious if therez some kind of limitations while using textures, 3D textures etc…

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I’m not sure how relevant this may be, but for shader model 4.0 maximum number of texture samplers for vertex shaders is 128 (High-Level Shader Language - Wikipedia). For SM3.0 (Dx9.0c) it’s 16. It’s the only thing I found.

You probably are not hitting 128 samplers with 20 tex references so I suspect either a programming mistake on your part or a compiler error of some sort. Or perhaps you’re running a Dx9 driver which thinks your card has only 16 texture samplers? This doesn’t make much sense, just guessing.

Big_Mac is right, it’s 128. Sarnath, check out section 5.1.8 of the PTX ISA 1.4 Guide…I was just reading through it and remembered this post!

Thanks a lot to both of you! So, I guess its a programming mistake… Will have to figure it out…

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Well, I figured the programming mistake:

[url=“”]The Official NVIDIA Forums | NVIDIA

xyz@CPU needs to be accessed as Z,Y,X via textures… This is something that is not straightforward in the documentation…

Thanks to both of you for your answers…