Limiting power and temperature on nVidia 4090 with newer linux driver versions


when I use the driver 525.147.05 I can easily limit the power of my mobile 4090 by running sudo nvidia-smi -pl 80.
But when I update the driver, e.g. to version 545.29.06, it is not possible to limit the power anymore, the nvidia-smi just tells me then “Changing power management limit is not supported for GPU”.
Also trying a different approach and trying to limit the temperature with sudo nvidia-smi -gtt 75 is failing (it’s failing with the 525 as well as with the 545 driver).

Can you please tell me how I can limit the temperature or the power draw of my mobile 4090 with newer Linux driver versions?

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Please check if your notebook support platform profiles and switch to “low-power” or “quiet”.
If that’s not available, you could limit clocks using nvidia -lgc clockmin,clockmax