Lincukoo 0611 JP4.5 Working on the 4gig

I never personally used the wifi adapter from my 2 gig on the 4 gig until now, but I was reading that it didn’t work.

I just got a new 4 gig, and it works on JP 4.5.

I really looked hard for information on this, or a source to buy it. I can’t find much at all about lincukoo.

Where can I get some more of these dongles?

My speedtest was more than 10x better with this dongle than the tplink 2.4 ghz.

What would be an alternative?



Sorry that I don’t quite understand what does “gig” mean here. Could you explain?

The ram. I am basically looking for the wifi adapter, or a comparable one to the one that is included with the 2 gigabyte dev kit. It works splendidly on the 4 gigabyte variant.