#line pragma broken in 347.09


EDIT EDIT: false alarm, see my 2nd answer.
EDIT: this only happens on my laptop, the desktop version of the driver doesn’t have this problem (?!)

The line pragma with 2 parameters in GLSL (with #version 420) stopped working since I updated my driver. The file number in the logs is wrong every time and seems to completely ignore what I put in the pragma.

That’s not the only problem though. All my shader get random compilation errors if I give lots of strings to glShaderSource. If I concatenate all the strings and avoid using #line, it works again. That’s not practical.

Ok you know what changed when I installed the version 347.09? The setting “Preferred graphics processor” in nvidia control panel got reset to “Auto select”. All those problems above are actually in the buggy Intel driver.

PS: OK my bad, but for the record, this auto-select setting is ****.