link error of PVF 12.8

month ago, i used pvf 11.7 64 bits, and the program can run successfully. i changed my system to 32 bits days before, and encourted a problem with 32 bits PVF 12.8 complier.
the error is :
unresolved external symbol _cudaCreateChannelDesc referenced in function ___pgf90_cudacreatechanneldesc libcudafor4.lib

the PVF Bulid Log shows:

c:\program files\pgi\win32\12.8\bin\pgfortran.exe -Wl,/libpath:“C:\Program Files\PGI\win32\2012\cuda\4.2\lib” -Wl,/libpath:“c:\program files\pgi\win32\12.8\lib” -Wl,/libpath:“C:\Program Files\PGI\Microsoft Open Tools 10\lib” -Wl,/libpath:“C:\Program Files\PGI\Microsoft Open Tools 10\PlatformSDK\lib” -Yl,“C:\Program Files\PGI\Microsoft Open Tools 10\bin” -g -Bstatic -Mcuda=cuda4.2,cc30 -o “E:\PGI_CUDA\Projects_32\PVFProject6\PVFProject6\Win32\Debug\PVFProject6.exe” “Win32\Debug\rtm_gpu_3d_share2.obj”

Command exit code: 2

Command output: [libcudafor4.lib(dev_memops.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _cudaCreateChannelDesc referenced in function ___pgf90_cudacreatechanneldesc E:\PGI_CUDA\Projects_32\PVFProject6\PVFProject6\Win32\Debug\PVFProject6.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals ]

PVFProject6 build failed.
i’ve never seen this link error before. can some people help me with this? thanks very much!

This is a Win32 bug that slipped into this release. The unresolved external will never be called in normal use, but causes link failures. Until the next release, you can work-around this using a one-liner to resolve this in C.

int cudaCreateChannelDesc() { return 0; }

compile this file using pgcc -c, then link in this object. Or, a big hammer, add -Wl,/force:unresolved to the link line.

We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can.

thanks for your help, brentl.