Link error with PhysX 3.3.1 on Linux.

I’m currently experiencing linking errors, more specifically undefined reference to __*_finite where * are the usual trig functions cos, sin, asin, acos after an upgrade from 3.3.0. Is it possible to have the documentation updated with the version of glibc and the compiler version used to built the SDK. Is anyone else experiencing this…if so, what was the solution ? Thanks in advance.

verbose compilation output?

R u sure u didn’t use some parts of 3.3.0 and some of 3.3.1?


compiler haven’t changed GCC 4.5.2 on Ubuntu ( have been using this since 3.0 of the SDK with no link issues whatsoever ).

The compiler is configures to spit out all warning etc…but maybe I’m not understanding the question.

I’m sure that nothing has changed in my codebase. Downloaded the 3.3.1 the day it became available, updated my shell script to point to the new path and the link error showed up…changed shell script to point to the 3.3.0 SDK…builds fine.

Some preliminary investigation indicates that those function are present/reference in glbic 2.15+, but my distro have 2.13…not 100% positive if this is the issue. However, if this is the case, then the toolchain/enviroment used to build the SDK must have been changed between the 3.3.0 and the 3.3.1.

Same problem here with version 3.3.2, glibc 2.15 is needed for physx to work in linux?