Link Problem with sample program in Visual Fortran.

I have got x64 machine, Win7.
I try compile sample program for fortran in Visual Fortran (sgemm.cuf).
First I had many errors but I fix them (turn on CUDA Enable in Language settings in project properties window). Now I have got only one error but I can’t imagine how fix it.

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _SAXPY_SGEMM_SAXPY16@0 referenced in function _SAXPY_SGEMM_SGEMMNN_16X16@32
E:\Maria\elasticity\SADOVSKIY\2011.01.18_Tests\schet2D\PVFProject7\PVFProject7\Win32\Debug\PVFProject7.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
PVFProject7 build failed.

P.S. I fix this problem if I comment call of the device subroutine saxpy16. But I think that you understand that it isn’t real solution=))

Hi tereshin,

It looks like a compiler error where we’re not decorating the symbol correctly. It should be “_SAXPY_SGEMM_SAXPY16@12” not “_SAXPY_SGEMM_SAXPY16@0”. I have submitted a report to our engineers for further investigation. (TPR#17681).

The work around would be to compile in 64-bits instead of 32.


it works now=) thanks a lot=)

TPR 17681 has been corrected in a current release.