linkinfo files

Following a recent upgrade to CUDA 2.1 on an Ubuntu 8.04 system, I noticed that use of nvcc leaves a <program_name>.linkinfo file in the directory after compilation is complete. This file is generated even if I just compile source into an object file (through the nvcc -c argument) rather than do a full build. Does anyone know what the linkinfo files are and if they are safe to delete after compilation?

I delete them after compilation and everything works fine (I’m on an Ubuntu 8.04 too and just upgraded to 2.1 driver!) ! But unfortunately I don’t know what they are exactly!


Is there an nvcc option I can set that will make it not generate these files? Or clean them up automatically?

I know it’s trivial, I just don’t want to mess with my make scripts right now…


I usually remove the linkinfo file with “make clean”.