linking error: __pgi_uacc_cuda_launchk2


when I link my files i get an error that I do not understand:

test.f:104: undefined reference to `__pgi_uacc_cuda_launchk2’

I compile the file with
pgf90 -c -I $(COMDIR) -I /opt/pgi/linux86-64/2015/mpi/mpich/include -Mcuda -Minfo -module ${MODDIR} -Mprof=lines,mpich -acc -byteswapio -Ktrap=fp -g -Mr8 -Mprof=lines,mpich test.f

and link with
pgf90 -Mprof=lines,mpich -acc -g test.o

What does this error mean?


Hi Hendrun,

Since you compile with “-Mcuda”, you also need to link with it. An additional OpenACC/CUDA interface library is used when both OpenACC and CUDA are used together.

  • Mat