Linking errors with relocatable device code enabled


I have a project that has been successfully compiled with nvcc using rdc=false, now we are attempting to turn rdc=true. All of the source files compile successfully but we end up with many linking errors like this coming from link.stub

/projects/sierra/linux_rh6/SDK/compilers/nvidia/cuda_8.0.44/bin/crt/link.stub:78:118: error: redefinition of ‘const unsigned char def_module_id_str_46_tmpxft_000023db_00000000_7_Iotr_MinMax_cpp1_ii_9f50b7e4
/projects/sierra/linux_rh6/SDK/compilers/nvidia/cuda_8.0.44/bin/crt/link.stub:44:36: error: redefinition of ‘void __cudaRegisterLinkedBinary_46_tmpxft_000023db_00000000_7_Iotr_MinMax_cpp1_ii_9f50b7e4(void ()(void**), void, void*, void ()(void))’

Any help is appreciated,