Linking to CUDA from 3dsmax plugin Trying to use CUDA with 3dsmax SDK


I am trying to use CUDA from a 3dsmax plugin. However, as soon as I have CUDA code in my plugin and link to the CUDA libs the plugin doesn’t load any more.
It fails loading with error code -126 “procedure not found”.

Has anyone succeded at using CUDA with the 3dsmax SDK?
I already started 3dsmax in OpenGL mode instead of DirectX, but this didn’t help either.
What I did for a test was:
take the template project and add the files of a working 3dsmax plugin. Then I changed the project settings to dll and add the 3dsmax SDK stuff.
When I exclude the CUDA files from the build the plugin loads fine. But when I add them the plugin does not load.

I had succesfully used Ageia PhysX with a 3dsmax plugin, but I want to switch to CUDA now. I am working on fluids. You can see some results here:

All the CUDA samples run fine btw.

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just for the records. I figured it out. I had to copy the CUDA and Opengl dlls into the 3dsmax root directory. Everything works fine then.

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EDIT: The CUDA dlls are enough. You don’t need any opengl dlls.

hi Dieter,

can you explain me how you had used plugin cuda in 3dsmax program ? after installation, can you see difference about timing render !?

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doesn’t work like that :) there is no “magic” if you want a renderer to use cuda you preaty much have to re write it (or parts of it) to use cuda. He is probably writing a specific plugin for max and is accelerating it with cuda.