Linking Visionworks in a CMakeLists.txt file

Hi everyone,

after having gone through the Visionworks samples, I am a little stuck trying to understand how linking against the Visionworks library works. I am working on a Jetson TX1 with Visionworks installed. I was able to successfully build all the Visionworks samples.

Now I am looking for a way to include the nvxio library in my standalone code, however, I am unsure what I have to set up in my CMakeLists.txt file. I would imagine, I have to first find_package the library and then include it in the include_directories and lastly link against it with link_directories.

Are there any examples for doing this available? The Makefiles are overly complicated and I am not sure I fully understand what they are doing and how everything needs to be set up for this to work. Do I need to copy the nvxio folder into my CMakeSourceDirectory?

Sorry if this is a very obvious/simple question…

Thanks I appreciate any input/help!


There is a Jetson forum also. You may wish to post there.