linking with nvToolsExt

Hello !
I am trying to link a source code which calls the “nvToolsExt” with the pgfortran compiler,
unfortunately with no success. Does anyone can help me?

Thank you very much,

Hi Barak,

Can you give more details on the issue you’re seeing? I have not tried using nvToolsExt myself, but I might be able to determine how to solve the issue.

  • Mat

Dear Mat,
This is the linking line which I use:

pgfortran -o load_lib_all.exe driver_all.o -i8 -Mcuda=cuda6.0 -acc -L. -lext_lib
In the module ext_lib there are calls for nvToolsExt.
And this is what get when linking with pgfortran:

./ undefined reference to nvtxRangePop' ./ undefined reference to nvtxRangePushA’
pgacclnk: child process exit status 1: /usr/bin/ld