Links to Jetson TX2 Resources and Wiki

Hi Dusty.
I am encountering the same download problem.
I have registered for both the developer web and forum and logged in, but still cannot get the files.
Hope you can send me a compressed package. Email is
Thanks a lot.

Hi I met the same mistake as Phoenixtee and Meihuashan I login to the forum, but still could not download any resource here.
Could you please send me the tx2 module datasheet & tx2 OEM design guide?
many thanks

Hi, the login to the forums and are separate. Did you create an account according to the post below?

HI, I was able to download most of the documents except the “Jetson TX1-TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification” which returns a 404 error, can you look into the issue?


I am using mutliple Jetson Tx2 boards in my application. Each tx2 board running with Streamsets application on them. but each of them working for same purpose for collection some UDP data. But here my challenge is i want to start the execution of each board at same time …

How can i achieve this - did Tx2 boards support Docker image or any
please help me.


Hi Negendar, please see these links from the wiki for enabling Docker in L4T kernel:

If you have further questions or issues regarding this, please don’t hesitate to create a separate topic for them here on the NVIDIA Jetson forums.

Hi,dust_nv, could you please let us know where to download TX2 (SOC) TRM ?

Go to this URL, login…you may need to click on this URL a second time once logged in…then check PRODUCT “Jetson TX2”, and in the search box, enter “technical”. You should see the Parker series TRM:

Hello, Dusty_nv
Could you olease send me Jetson Developer Kit 3D CAD STEP model

my email:

Hi hwj0401, can you download it from ?

thank you

Is it possible to add the Part number for eMMC used Jetson TX2?

Hi singhravi189, the specific eMMC part can vary by revision, please look in the GParted Disk Utility tool (type “Disk Utility” into Unity) which contains info about the disk devices and manufacturer on your particular unit. You should also be able to scan dmesg logs for the information when the ATA link is established, or by running lshw -class disk.

Thank you dusty

Does Jetson TX2 support the hardware command queuing or Software Command queuing for eMMC( TX1 supports Software Command Queuing)? Can someone please help?

Hi, if you are unable to find the info in the Module Datasheet or Parker TRM, I would recommend posting this question as a separate topic, thanks!

Could the nice list of the OP be added to a prominent webpage on the main NVIDIA pages about the TX2?

I’ve googled a lot for a list like this and only found it by accident here in the forums

  • I have Tx2 and trying get jetpack on it using MAC.
  • I created a bootable Ubuntu 16.x
  • Launched MAC with Ubuntu and was able to download Jetpack
  • Install process is fine until it starts uncompressing and opening files when it warns first and then runs out of space.
  • The USB stick I have is 256GB with no partition and 100% clean with only Ubuntu IOS.
  • The warning message suggests i need 7GB and i have 3GB only but in reality, the entire stick 256GB is available.

How can I fix this. please let me know.


You should start a separate/new forum thread. Beware the USB stick must be on an ext4 file system, and you should probably format it using gdisk (gparted is also nice). From the location you run from see space shown via “df -H -T .” (the " ." is important…it means the disk usage of the current location).

Hi all,

Does anyone able to run the red tail demo posted in nvidia GitHub repository ? ( GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/redtail: Perception and AI components for autonomous mobile robotics. ). I can not find out a way to do that.Can anyone please help me with the steps of running the red tail demo on Jetson TX2?

Thank You