Linux 4.4 for TX1

Is there any chance of us getting an official building kernel source tree for linux 4.4 for TX1 ?
It seems the kernel sources as provided by jetpack 27.1 do not build out of the box for the 210 platform and that there have been some changes to how nvgpu integrates that have not been carried back over to gk20a.

Having this would be a big help to have a more unified platform for those of us with a significant number of TX1’s looking to support TX1 and TX2 with a unified stack.

We have similar needs because of unified driver support. Have anybody tried update tx1 l4t kernel to 4.x?


Hi MartijnBerger and xiaoyongtijee,

Thanks for raising this requirement, actually, we’re planning to update TX1 L4T kernel to 4.4 as an official build in coming release. If there is further update from internal, I will share with you.


thanks for the update kayccc. Do you have a timeline for the coming TX1 L4T release?

Hi xiaoyongtijee,

Sorry for not able to disclose the schedule, but should not be too long.


Hello, bumping this post! I am also interested in the updated kernel!

Can we expect it soon?

Hello, i have the same request!
I hoper that, with the upcoming release, nvidia try to support all jetson som (tx1,tx2,…).
It will be useful that the driver and all necessary modifications could be released as separated driver as Nvidia do for graphic cards on Windows,Linux and Mac (and with patches to apply on vanilla kernel).

Thanks in advance!